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5 Exciting Reasons To Visit Rome

5 Exciting Reasons To Visit Rome

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Rome is Rome. Even in the new millennium, the city represents a throbbing heartbeat of Italy coupled with a vital connection into its glorious past. While in the city centre you will be serenaded with marvellous architecture, spectacular piazzas, as well as delectable cafes and restaurants, the outskirts open up to breath-taking vineyards, rolling hills and pristine coastlines. In other words, a perfect destination for the avid traveller.

Today we bring you 5 day trips that will maximise your visit to the Eternal City.

Historic Tarquinia

Here’s an interesting fact: The Romans were not the original founders of Italy; the Etruscans, who inhabited the land between River Arno and River Tiber, own that feat. The Etruschi were powerful, wealthy people who developed the areas that are today Lazio and Tuscany. They were an advanced civilisation with their very own architecture, technological tools and artistic endeavours. 


Located just an hour’s drive from the city, you get to experience the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tarquinia and its unrivalled Etruscan burials. The day trip starts at the Tarquinia’s National Archaeological Museum. Here you will be amazed by the 4th century BC terracotta winged horses that featured on the Ara della Regina temple. The next stop is at the Monterozzi Necropolis where you can witness the well-preserved frescoes, but the highlight is without a doubt the Cerveteri Necropolis where entire homes were reproduced as tombs.

The Roman Experience

There is certainly no doubt that the Romans laid the foundations of modern day Italy, creating an empire that was feared and admired by the rest of the world. The lost cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum offer an impressive throwback to the golden age of emperors and gladiators. 

Pompeii is a legendary site that was buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Our day trip takes you up close and personal to the very streets that the locals walked.

Just a few miles around the Bay of Naples lies the second town that was extinguished by the Vesuvius. Today, the remains of children’s beds, local food, and even roofs of homes stand the test of time. One of the most intriguing faucets of the trip is the collection of 300 skeletons huddled around the harbour.

Picture Perfect Sorrento

Sunny Sorrento offers a picturesque getaway from Rome. Perched on the seaside cliffs that open to Mount Vesuvius, the town is popular with visitors for its limoncello digestive liqueur. Another highlight is the colourful ceramic tableware that displays vibrant, hand-painted scenes. 

The trip starts at the gorgeous 11th century cathedral where you can admire the Neapolitan frescoes. You then continue towards the Villa Comunale that offers majestic views of the gulf, before heading to the charming fishing village of Marina Grande where you can observe artisans working on intricate wood carvings.

The trip ends with a delightful visit to the Villa Massa Limoncello producer, where you will taste the local liqueur also known as sunshine in the bottle.

Umbria’s Hilltop Town, Orvieto

Orvieto is rich in gothic traditions. Positioned a mere two hours from Rome, the land-locked town will have an effect on you even before you arrive. Nestled atop a vertical volcanic peak, Orvieto stands out in stark contrast to the plains of Umbria below. 

The vantage point of the town provides mesmerising views of the winding cypress-lined roads and stunning vine-clad slopes. There’s a reason as to why Orvieto is known as one of the most picturesque towns in Italy. 

The trip begins with a stroll down the cobblestone streets that house gold-toned mosaics of the 14th century Duomo. A visit to the La Carraia Winery follows, where you get to taste the fruity Orvieto Classico DOC wine. The town has a reputation for growing some of the best grapes for the most delicious of white wines.

After lunch, we take you on a trip though history, with an exploration of the underground rooms, passages, cellars and wells that have been preserved for over 2,500 years. Carved from the crisp volcanic tufa, the underground tunnels mirror a way of life that has long since gone extinct.

Relax At Viterbo and Villa Lante

This is the ideal day trip if you are looking for a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of Rome. Viterbo sits in the hills, an hour and a half away from the city. The town is one of the best preserved medieval villages in the country. There are countless sites to admire: the 13th century staircase leading up to the celebrated Papal Palace, the Romanesque Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the seven-bay Gothic arched loggia, and the 11th century gated walls that protect the city. Then you have the gardens of Villa Lante. A stroll through the green pastures will take you through perfect geometric symmetry set amidst terraces and sparkling water features. 

The trip ends with a visit to the Bosco Sacro (the Sacred Grove) located in Bomarzo. A stark contrast to the geometric gardens, the groves present a rough scattering of figurines and sculptures of monsters and gods. It will surprise you, astonish you, and impress you. 

Choose Rome

The Eternal City has always something up its sleeve for the intrepid traveller. Amazing ancient civilisations, mesmerising medieval culture and colourful coastal landscapes are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. 

Don’t wait any longer. Pack your bags and visit Rome today. Our exciting trips await you.

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